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My favorite lunch

This has quickly become my favorite lunch. Rather than microwave it, I take out some of the vegetables and saute them a bit before warming everything up together. It makes for a really delicious meal in almost the same time it would take to heat in the microwave. It's also one of those meals I COULD make myself, but would likely waste a lot of fresh ingredients before I could finish them. The seasoning is better than I'd do myself and ultimately costs less. Love it!

Vegan Lasagna
Tasty lasagne

Couldn't tell it was vegan by the taste -- a wonderful twist on a traditional dish. Felt great after eating it, too. It's not too heavy.

Salmon Nicoise Salad
Margery Yeager

Fresh, delicious, great for lunch or dinner. I preferred the salmon cold, but I think it is good either way.

Turkey Bolognese Stuffed Pepper
Alyscenne Vallelonga

I haven't had a meal that I don't like yet, but for my higher carb days this is def one of my favorites! All of the food has so much flavor!

Carb Friendly Chili*
Amina Carmean

Love this chili! I’ve been ordering it every time.


Better than I thought it would be. Good flavor.

Steak & Gains*
Jeri Fields

One of my favorite meals. The beef is tender and has a great taste.

Pork adobo

This was the best of all the meals I ordered. The chimchurri added a lot of flavor. The rice and string beans were prepared very well.

Tasty and filling

Great alternative

Peppercorn Steak
Dalene Erickson
Loved it!!

Delicious. Tender and flavorful. Would order again.

Grassfed Beef Lasagna*
Melanie Rowland
100% yum

Great tasting and full of flavorful layers. Enough for 2 along side a fresh salad. Sauce, cheese and pasta are well balanced and satisfying.

Flank Steak*
Ash Smith
Great choice

The steak is a great choice if you are looking for a protein to add to your meals! It is simple yet flavorful.

Grass-fed Beef Lasagna

The best!! Lasagna has been on the menu since the beginning and it is still one of my favorites. It rivals the one my mother used to make but don't tell her.

Tasty for any time

One of my faves -- a true comfort meal.


A great mix of ingredients and very filling.

Hoisin Glazed Salmon
Melissa Herrera
One of my favs

The salmon was cooked perfectly and all the flavors were so good.


Mighty Meals has exceeded my expectations with every entree we have received so far. The chicken Marsala was quite good and we will absolutely order it again. The flavors are wonderful and the serving size is perfect.

Saucenwas a great compliment to the steak

Loved the sauce. Nailed it! Again the green beans is overused as a side veggie. I'm sure you can pick something else from the vegetable patch.

I would order this again but throw away the green beans and steam my own side veggies. Just too much green beans in all of my favorite Mighty meals.


Well made Peruvian chicken. Great flavors!

So good!

Really enjoyed this one! Hearty portion left me full!

Carb Friendly Chili*
Katie Murphy
Great comfort meal

I buy the chili in bulk. It’s been our Friday night go to during the winter. Add some of the sweet potatoes and it’s a perfect meal in our house!

Shredded Beef BBQ
Lori Bassford
Shredded beef

Excellent. No fat, great flavor!


My husband and I really enjoyed these buffalo chicken bites. Made for a very convenient yet healthy dinner.

Chicken alla Vodka
Michelle Vergara

This and the salmon alla vodka are my favorites.

Hickory Smothered Pork Chop

Great piece of pork with an amazing hickory taste. The green beans and mashed potatoes round out the entire meal. A definite staple for me, I order it for dinner at least twice a month.