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I like to dip in honey mustard.

Great quick protein! We snack on these little bites over several days!

Bulk Roasted Chicken Bites
Jody Christensen
Go-to protein for my teenage boys

My two teenage boys regularly eat these chicken bites for a good serving of protein at lunch, dinner or even for a snack. They love to dip in bbq sauce or ranch dressing.

Favorite dish

This dish is my current favorite, it’s perfectly seasoned and is consistently good. I highly recommend it.

Buffalo Chicken Salad

The Buffalo Chicken Salad was very good. I've ordered it few times and it never disappoints!

Beef Bulgogi*

I really enjoyed this meal. It is super flavorful. I will be ordering again.

It was quite good. Portion was large enough for two of us.

Chicken POWER Bowl
Chris Woolford
Chicken power bowl

Very Delicious meal. Proper nutrients and fulfilling

Quality meat and good portion size but the flavor was quite bland. We needed to add sauce to enjoy it. It was better added to salads or made into quesadillas.

Salmon alla Vodka
Celia Friedman
One of the most delicious things I have ever tasted.

This and the chicken vodka are the kind of food you would go to restaurant to order...amazing flavor

Low Carb Bulgogi*
Suzie Mattern

Love this! So delicious and very filling! Definitely on my "order again" list 🙂

Very tasty.

Tastes good easy to prepare and filling.

Our favorite

Everything we’ve ordered for the the past several months - when we became customers - has been excellent but the Turkey Bolognese is our fave.


This is one of my go-to staple items from MMs. Spicy, loaded with beef, delicious! Chicken is also good, but beef is better.

Oh so good!!!!

The perfect mixture of sweetness and portion. I don’t feel guilty eating it as it’s a perfect snack. Knowing this is made locally makes me even happier to be able to support them.

Love the Pork Chops

Great-tasting pork chops prepared with the greatest sides.

One of my favorites!

This is one of my favorite MightyMeals. The meat is really delicious and I love the combo with the sweet potatoes. While I'm a huge fan of broccoli, they broccoli they serve with this is not the best (can be a bit bitter). So I tend to only eat the tops of that. But I find this dish really feeling and flavorful.

Great flavor!

This is a great addition to the mighty meals veg line up! Amazing flavor in the rice, cauliflower and the sauce. Nothing is overwhelming with spices but enough to be warming and delicious. Would love to see this with tofu instead of cauliflower too!

Best food! Healthy and tasty

I love this company . The food is great . It’s healthy and priced so fairly

BBQ Beef Mac

DELICIOUS—the beef was seasoned so well and the Mac and cheese so tasty.


One of my favorites! If it were a bit cheaper I would order it every time

Give it a try!

I like to order this in combo with shredded Buffalo chicken! Makes for a protein packed meal. Bear in mind this isn’t your diet crashing comfort food Mac n chz but it is a great substitute to keep your diet on track.

Loaded with protein and flavor

I love to mix this with the Mac n cheese, makes a delicious protein packed meal. I order lots of this combo!

One of my regulars

I order this every time! Great hearty flavor. Go for it!

Best ever!

I’m obsessed with these chicken bites both bbq and Buffalo. You can pair them with anything or eat them like that. I will continue ordering.